Ravi Java | UX & Interaction designer

AI powered image and video sharing online platform with features like privacy protection, built in data analysis, personalized domain name and one click social sharing


UI/UX & Product Design




To find a better solution for photographers to share and deliver more than 1K photos at a given time and to design a better user experience for the customers to find their photos.

Research, UX/UI design and design systems.

I was responsible to design the user flow for photographers to upload the images and for the customers to download images using AI. I was also responsible to design the user interface of the entire product including the AI tool.

We started by researching competitors and how we can build a better product to serve the photography community. The CEO,  celebrity photographer for the past 10 years knew that the industry lacked technology when it came to sharing their work with the customers. The last time we checked, photographers were still using pen drives/hard-drives or ones that were more aware were using products like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. to share their work with the client. Whereas the customers that were dealing with the photographers had a different problem. How do you find your photos if you have attended a wedding with more than 1000 guests (a pretty common number for an Indian wedding)? We knew there was a solution out there that didn’t exist.


We started by designing the dashboard screens where the photographers could create multiple albums for different projects (in their case weddings) where they could upload photos. We made sure that the interface is simple to use and intuitive for photographers to navigate seamlessly. They could directly share these albums with their customers who could then use our AI tool to find their photos. Photographers could also connect custom domains with their dashboards to create a personalized experience of their brand for their customers.

Customers, at the time of attending the wedding, could register for the AI tool using their email addresses. Once the photographer was done uploading the photos, they could create a custom email template to inform the registered customer that their photos are ready to be viewed. The email had a unique barcode which would take the customers to the AI tool. The photographer could also secure the photos by using a highly encrypted link which would need a unique password to access.


Once the customers scanned the barcode, they would be directed to the AI tool where they would enter the registered email address and password that was provided. After 4 simple steps like smiling, tilting head to the right and to the left, the AI tool could filter images to only the customer’s photos.


For the main client, who wanted to access all the photos of the wedding, the photographer could directly share a link to the album where they had access to all the photos. The client could share, download and even favourite the photos that they liked. The product also allowed the photographers to customise features like dark/light mode, the size of the thumbnails etc to enhance the customer’s viewing experience.