Ravi Java | UX & Interaction designer

Impacting the holistic wellness of employees with the power of design and technology


UI Design



Aawaz aims to impact the holistic wellness of employees in a way that doesn’t just benefit them but also results in significant benefits for the organisation.

As a company, it is vital to be aware of the emotional health of the employees as you are aware of the company’s productivity and cashflow. Emotional imbalance can lead to a negative impact on a company’s morale and productivity. Stress is not just restricted to the office. Individuals at home as well as students face this emotional imbalance and in this age it has now become very important for us to enhance the levels of emotional wellness. 

Aawaz is powered by human touch and driven by technology. It is a combination of well-being resources accessible to employees, individuals and students via a mobile application along with in-person group and individual training and counselling. 

My design process

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