Ravi Java | UX & Interaction designer

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

After a long tiring day, sometimes I get this feeling of dissatisfaction even after I have completed all the tasks on my list. I was recently chatting with my girlfriend and she told me about a technique on how to increase productivity and after using it my productivity level was 2x. I was completing more tasks than I thought I could. This technique is flexible and can be used by professionals in all industries. As a design leader during a show and tell at our office I presented this same idea to my peers and I have gotten some really good feedback about the technique. Some of the developers were skeptical on using this technique as sometimes they can’t fix a bug or complete a task within 25mins. The beauty of this technique lies in understanding that it is flexible and can be used in a way that works for you.

Here it goes.


List all your tasks

A list of all tasks can help you zoom out and have a holistic view of what you are going to be achieving in the day.

Choose a task

Pick a task. It can be a small or a big task that you want to achieve.

Set a timer for 25mins

Your aim is to finish the task within 25mins and then take a break of 5mins. Make sure in this break you are getting up from your chair and moving around so as to get the blood flowing. If you think you cannot finish a particular task in 25mins you can set a timer of 50mins and then take a break for 10mins.

Download these applications specially made for this technique:

macOS & iOS – Be Focused – Focus Timer
Windows – Focus, commit
Android – Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List


Once a pomodoro is over, tick off the task

How this works is you need to pick up a task from the list that you have created at the start of the day and keep ticking the tasks off.


Take a longer break

After every 3-4 pomodoros you need to take a longer break of about 15-20mins. Make sure you take a break from your screen. The point is to move around, get some coffee, read a book etc.

This technique has really helped me stay focus throughout the day. It also gives you sense of achievement at the end of the day as you can see a long list of tasks that you were able to achieve.